HST is included in these prices. A receipt can be issued by the corporation 6730621 Canada Inc. Cheques or e-transfer only, no cash accepted.

An estimate will be given before work is begun.

The main factor is the number of plants and ease of removal. Steep terrain, rocky soil, and competing vegetation are also factors.

Distance from my base is also billable, 50c per km. of travel.

A small cluster of under 50 plants costs $50 to uproot.

50-200 is $150, 200-1000 is $400, 1000-5000 is $1000, 5000-10000 is $1500

It is important the job begins early in summer, due to the rapid maturity of some plants. As early as late July some have gone to seed, setting the stage for the infestation for another two years.

The price you pay for year 1 will be replicated for year 2, in spite of inflation. Any “cleanup” needed in year 3 or 4 will be much lower than the first two.

For their safety, please keep pets and children away from the work area and uprooted stalks.